About Me

Dixie Rose was born into a musical family. Her grandmother played banjo, great uncle played fiddle and her daddy was a professional musician playing the steel guitar and dobro. Dixie Rose began her professional career the summer between her junior and senior year of high school working as a featured artist in Archie Campbell’s show in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Following graduation she worked as a single in clubs from Gatlinburg, to Chattanooga and eventually in Nashville where she was the featured vocalist at the Western Room in Printers Alley. She worked briefly with Lonzo and Oscar as a featured vocalist and singing harmony. At this time she was privileged to sing on the Grand Ole Opry.

Dixie Rose

Dixie Rose performing at the Grand Ole Opry

Dixie Rose walked away from her career to marry and raise a family. During these years she kept singing, in church, leading the music at two congregations. Following the death of her husband she had the desire to give her music another try. This time with original songs, some on the humorous side. When she reached out to different record labels and management companies in Nashville she was told she was “too old”, and there was no interest in artists over the age of 19. Being a sassy southern woman Dixie Rose does not like to be told no. She decided to invest in herself and started her own record label, and publishing company. After two recording sessions in Nashville she now has her first CD, “Outside The Box”, and her first music video for “Headed South”. “It’s the principle of the thing,” she said, “what does the fact I am not 19 have to do with the quality of my voice and my music? With the internet I have the opportunity to put my music out there and if the people like it they will listen and buy it.”