My Latest CD

My latest CD, “Outside The Box,” includes eight original, classic county tunes you’ll be sure to enjoy. Have you seen my latest music video? You can watch it below.

I was raised on country and bluegrass. My daddy played. He had a record collection that included 78’s including Flatt & Scrugg’s “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”. His album collection included Roy Acuff, George Jones, Hank Williams, you name it he had it. Years ago I wrote a few bluegrass songs. The last two years I can’t say I write, my songs are gifts, they just come to me. I wake up with a song in my head and I get up and write it down. I keep a digital recorder so I can sing the tune so I don’t forget it. I tend to get my songs when I am doing mundane things like house cleaning, hanging out the wash, feeding my livestock or walking. I don’t try to write anything, they just pop into my head. It may take a few days or even a few weeks to finish and smooth them out but they just show up. I suppose I stick to the classic country style because that is what I was raised on and that is what I want to hear.

Dixie Rose

Dixie Rose’s publicity photo from her time singing at the Grand Ole Opry

Overview of Each Song

Communication – This song was written by my very dear friend Nancy Phelan. We met years ago when I was the vocalist and she the organist at a church in Spring Hill, FL. The song has a little humor, which I like, and if anyone has ever been married they understand this one.

There In Your Eyes – I got the idea for this one from a picture I saw on the internet. It was a movie premier, I think, there was a group shot of four people. Everyone had big smiles but this one man had the saddest eyes. A big smile on his face but his eyes just looked empty. I kept thinking about it and the song sort of wrote itself. I initially thought to have the song from the perspective of a woman who wants to be his girlfriend, but it didn’t feel right. I decided it was a better hook if the story was from someone who knew the history.

Dixie Rose – I wrote this song about ten years ago, shortly after we moved to the country. I have to say this one was a gift, it just came to me.

I Believe – I wrote this song over a period of nights while walking. I am very busy and mostly I walk at night. I live in the country so I can “see” the stars. I have to say the stars were my inspiration for this one.

Headed South – What can I say? I am no longer a spring chicken. This one came to me on a Saturday afternoon, quickly. Once I wrote it, it never changed. It is true, but I think I made it funny. I am all about funny.

Hooked – I wrote this song Friday evening June 24 between 6 & 9 pm while mowing my yard because I forgot to bring my mp3 player. 17 days later I recorded it. The first line that came to me was, “there were naysayers tried to tear ‘em apart”. I worked on the tune then I just worked out a story as to who “they” were and what the circumstances were.

Triple Shot of Fireball – I wrote this one about two years ago. I saw a meme about fireball and it stuck in my head. It took about two weeks to get the tune and for the story to evolve. I see a touch of humor in this one too.

Everything Except Money – This one I wrote in about three days. This is something I use to say to my husband all the time, because we did have everything except money. Everyone needs the basic things, food and shelter. If you are blessed to find the right partner, you don’t need anything else, you have a wealth that money can’t buy.

I do hope you like my songs and enjoy my music. This has been a wonderful journey taking my songs and having them come to fruition. I owe a giant thank you to John Nicholson of Hilltop Recording Studio and the session musicians and backup singers.